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Airbag reset service

airbag reset Toronto Canada

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Repair service of SRS computers to OEM and 100% functional state. Our computer reset meets  all industry requirements and standards. SpeedoFix has the most updated data to repair  any airbag ECU of any complexity. We also cover the reset of new Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Ford, Mazda, GMC SRS computers built by Denso, Fujitsu, TRW, Autoliv from September 2010 to current. Note: it's always a good practice to reset your original airbag computer to illuminate high cost of brand new module with its calibration & coding by dealer. Search our SRS library for current but not limited coverage.

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Common Issue:
1. Airbag light is ON 3. Scanners read "crash data stored"
2. Airbags deployed 4. Dealerships asking to replace unit

SRS Repair:
1. 100% guarantee 3. Reset SRS computer to OEM state
2. Quality assurance 4. One day turn-around time


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Above prices valid for North America online purchase only. We have two repair offices to serve your better. You may need a universal or dedicated OBD-II scanner to clear DTCs or calibrate OCS (occupant classification system) on some models and it may cost you extra. SpeedoFix is not responsible for any extra charges beside our service. A 10% fee will be assessed on any cancelled transactions.

          !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            We don't repair flooded or burnt units and ECU with no communication            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!