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6HP F02 TCM Transmission Control Unit Repair

6HP F02 TCM Transmission Control Unit Repair


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BMW 6HP F02 transmission control module repair service 2007-2015.

Contact us with DTC (trouble codes) before buying service.


It is a service to repair malfunctioned 6HP transmission unit. No programming is required after repair. Plug-n-Play!


Error code 5088 (L1, L2, L3, L4 – Parking Lock Sensor Line failure)

– Parking lock sensor, line L1 L2 L3 L4 failure
– Hard shifting between gears
– Gear position failure
– Range Sensor trouble code
– Clinging
– Slipping in gear
– No trouble codes displayed
– Always stays in neutral


Continental. F01 F02: 6HP19 6HP21 6HP26 6HP28
BMW X1 X3 X5 7 Series Z4 Jaguar XF gear box TCU & EGS (gearboxes) 2007-2015


You may need a universal or dedicated OBD2 scanner to clear DTCs.