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Mercedes EIS EZS Repair S/E/C class

Mercedes EIS EZS Repair S/E/C class


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The service to repair of malfunctioned Ignition Lock Unit (EZS / EIS) found on 2001-2014 S/E/C class.

You must ship us the EZS and all available keys

Do you need extra key for your Mercedes?

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There is number of reasons why your EZS may stop working. One of the most common faults is that the EIS no longer recognizes the key, this prevents you from turning the key and starting the engine.

Common Issue:
  • Key is not detected, car does not start
  • No instrument cluster illumination while key is inserted
  • Intermittent engine start on switching ignition on/off
  • Key doesn’t turn
Applicable models:
  • 2001-2014: S-class, E-class, C-class


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