Mercedes ESL Emulation (bypass)

Mercedes ESL Emulation (bypass)


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The service to bypass the malfunctioned ESL/ELV functionality. Once emulation is implemented, the car will start right after the EZS is connected back. Plug-n-play, no dealers visit, no extra programming.

You must ship the EZS with key and malfunctioned ESL


Most of the ESL got malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. The emulator will be built-in and programmed to the original EZS switch in order to bypass ESL (Electronic Steering Lock). From this point nothing to be connected to the ESL harness. We will recycle your malfunctioned ESL. Once you receive your original EZS and key just plug it back and enjoy your drive!


  • Key is not turning
  • Car does not start
  • Dashboard message “Remove key”


  • Malfunctioned ESL (even it was unsuccessfully repaired or been drilled)
  • EZS (electronic ignition switch)
  • One original key


  • C/E/GLK 2008-2016
  • Chassis W204/W207/W212
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